Pink Jellyfish Paper Lantern

A neat paper sculpture and a soft glow lamp shade all rolled into one!

The lantern fits around a standard lightbulb E14, E26, E27 and are for use with an energy-saving light bulb or LED light bulb only. 
We recommend maximum 11 Watt and 400lm (lumen) intensity to produce the same amount of light as an old 60-watt bulb.
Ikea offers a range of suitable LEB lightbulbs under the label LUNNOM (retro look).
Cord set and bulb are not included, this is a shade only.

The do-it-yourself jellyfish paper sculpture is designed in a such way that it doesn’t take too long to assemble it. 
The edges are perforated for easy folding. I am obsessed with making DIY fun and easy) 
Your paper sculpture kit includes step-by-step illustrated instructions. 
These clearly show where to fold and glue, also include handy tips to make assembly easier. 
Follow these shortcuts and you will have an relaxed and pleasurable experience.

Your Jellyfish comes as a set of only 13 pre-cut templates made from strong and long-lasting 300g paper. You will need only a glue for successful assembly, and, last but not least, patience and some spatial skills. 

The result is more than worth its while!

Measurements: 48 cm by 15,4 cm by 40 cm high 
18,9" by 5,9" by 15,7" high 
Weight: 0,1 kg 

Colour: Pink

Collections: DIY PAPER LAMPS

Type: Pendant Lamp

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